Noninvasive !! Check any glossy mag: If it does not pierce the skin, it must be good !

A gentle massage and a markedly less gentle lymphatic drainage are obvious examples, but as much as massage is considered  pleasant and harmless, what about all that machinery available to drain lymph, fat and cellulite away ?

The best established derive from the treatment of sports injuries, mechanical vibrations ( icoon ) and deep lymphatic drainage ( endermology ). It is used for cellulite treatment and shows results if repeated with great regularity . Skin loss and visible vein inflammations have been reported in the case of endermology.

Ultrasound is being used together with invasive liposuction to liquefy fat before  its removal and to tighten the skin by thermal damage. Other devices use laser in a similar manner.

It makes sense to try this without cutting through skin: External Ultrasound and Laser. The effect however is generally disappointing, and the destroyed fat takes a long time to be metabolised. In other words the downtime can be longer than after surgery .

Recently fat dissolution by cooling has been added to the armory ( cryolipolysis ). There is some tightening by damaging subdermal fat. Again, it appears only useful in small areas.

Application of radiofrequency can lead to dermal shrinking by heat injury (` thermage ´) with its own subset of complications like pain and even scarring !

Which leads to the last generation combining two or more of the modalities mentioned above : For instance endermology with light beams and radiofrequency. It has allegedly a more pronounced shaping effect than radiofrequency or mechanical negative pressure alone ( velashape ). It can be expected, that we will see a combination of the untoward effects as well.


So, no surprises really, the more it hurts, the more it works !!!

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