Botox in the treatment of Keloids

Botulinum toxin has received wide attention as a cosmetic agent to combat wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

A lot has been said about its toxicity and potentially harmful systemic side effects. Fortunately none could be substantiated.

On the other hand the horizon of applications seems to be ever expanding. Well known are the effects of the relaxation of muscles of forehead and temples on migraine sufferers.

Furthermore one found the surprising effect on depression by preventing patients from making a `sad face ´.

A group of Chinese researchers has published in a range of articles on the treatment of keloids with botulinum toxine. The obvious improvement in a group of keloid sufferers led to the assumption, that the suppression of skin and muscle tone as well as the secretion would be involved.

Interestingly the expression of genes, particularly S100A4, which is not only found in keloid scars but in Psoriasis lesions, atopy and squamous cell cancer was modulated by the in vitro treatment of keloid forming cells.

This would open a whole array of indications for the treatment with botulinum toxin. There is more to come !

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