Its in your face

Its in your face !


The face is constantly exposed to the sun. Of all body parts  its skin takes the worst beating over the years, and the collagen fibres which hold it up, are losing their alignment. At the same time the volume goes down slowly but steadily, first the fat, then muscle and at last bone.  Altogether these processes lead to the typical turkey neck, the sagging of the jowls, the puffy eyebags and ultimately the collapsed looking midface.

How to revert all this ? The previous answer was to pull the skin back and hollow out the eyes. It led to a taught skin coat over a shrivelled face, in other words an old face with a wrinklefree skin. The puffy eyes were treated by removing all fat around them, which leaves a hole. The skin of the neck was drawn back, which first looks strangled and ultimately collapses into horizontal folds.

We came to the realisation, that the bony base consists of  many oblique parts, and that the soft tissue is sliding off it in a vertical way. Therefore pulling the skin backwards means moving it in the wrong direction. The best way is to preserve any volume we might have and rather reposition it ( and if necessary replenish it with fat for instance ). And the direction of this repositioning should be straight up in order to take it back where it belongs.

So thats the modern way. Soft tissue is brought up again, volume is replaced and the skin only follows it without enduring any tension. And besides, this leads to minimal scarring too.


The modern ways CAN  help, if its in your face !

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