Dr Blaschke is back from the "Berlin Hand Meeting"!

The meeting provided an update on the treatment of tendon injuries, which are a frequent injury. Emphasis is on dynamic treatment, which keeps the hand mobile in the healing period . Even old tendon ruptures can be treated with good results.

A further topic of discussion were hand tumors, which are less rare than generally assumed. It has to be emphasized though that by far the most often found growths are  ganglion and socalled enchondroma. Ganglia are swellings, which appear linked to tendon sheathes. They used to be destroyed by hitting them with a heavy item like a book, certainly not the recommended method nowadays . In some cases they can be confounded with the less harmless giant cell tumors.

Enchondromas are often found in the course of unrelated radiological examinations . They are normally harmless and can be curetted, but they should not be left in place. Pathological fractures are not uncommon, the ensuing gap should be filled afterwards.

Hand afflictions can be very debilitating, but modern therapies offer reliable ways to treat them.

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My procedure with Dr. Fabian Blaschke was all together a great success, the consultation, procedure and follow up were all highly professional perfectly explained and no surprises, I'm more than happy with t...

It was excellent, he is a very lovely doctor, and I recommend him to all my friends, relatives and co-workers.

Greek hospitality and German efficiency, what a mix and look how it worked !