Pectoralis Plasty

The Pectoralis Plasty emphasizes and enhances the male chest.

The Procedure

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The breast is measured carefully. Through an incision in the axilla a silicone implant is positioned under the bigger Pectoralis muscle. A drain is inserted to remove any wound fluid. At the end of the operation a compression dressing is applied. You will spend one night in a private hospital under our care, in the morning drains are removed, and you can leave the clinic with an elastic dressing to protect the new shape.

You are seen by Dr. Blaschke and his team for regular checks. The sutures should be removed within 10 days. You are normally able to resume normal activities in a week's time, carrying and lifting must however be avoided for 3 weeks.

Surgeon's Remarks

Most important is the exact positioning of the implant as the muscle exerts direct pressure on it and displacement can happen easily.

Office location

Mediterraneo Hospital
Ilias 10 - 12, Glyfada 16675

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My procedure with Dr. Fabian Blaschke was all together a great success, the consultation, procedure and follow up were all highly professional perfectly explained and no surprises, I'm more than happy with t...

It was excellent, he is a very lovely doctor, and I recommend him to all my friends, relatives and co-workers.

Greek hospitality and German efficiency, what a mix and look how it worked !