About Us

Dr. Blaschke operates in various places of the world, which excel in beauty and medical infrastructure alike.

He could establish a perfect combination of German Plastic Surgery and Cypriot hospitality in Limassol, Cyprus.

The Pantazis Clinic is being used by a number of renowned Plastic surgeons, which guarantees its medical standard - and comfort. Our recommended accommodation, the Ajax Hotel, is big enough to provide the usual amenities, but it is still family owned and run. It is close to the clinic and within walking distance to the beach.

We arrange for hotel accommodation and transfers to make this an unforgettable holiday at the same time.

Enjoy the changes you always dreamed of in comfort and safety - and have a holiday thrown in !

Have your operation away from neighbours and colleagues and relax on a week´s break ! ( You can even take your partner or a friend along)

And all this can be arranged at competitive rates !

Office location

Mediterraneo Hospital
Ilias 10 - 12, Glyfada 16675

(t) 00 35 725366400


My procedure with Dr. Fabian Blaschke was all together a great success, the consultation, procedure and follow up were all highly professional perfectly explained and no surprises, I'm more than happy with t...

It was excellent, he is a very lovely doctor, and I recommend him to all my friends, relatives and co-workers.

Greek hospitality and German efficiency, what a mix and look how it worked !