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  Dr. Blaschke is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Abu Dhabi and Cyprus. In the course of the 30 years of his professional career Dr. Blaschke always placed great emphasis on a broad international experience. He earned his medical degree at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, where he received his doctorate as well. Dr. Blaschke served in the world famous Cardiac Surgery Unit in Cape Town and...


Dr. Blaschke´s German background guarantees a strong commitment to patient safety. Every effort is made to assure, that there is full control at any stage of your treatment right down to matters of anaesthesia and theatre hygiene. Dr. Blaschke puts particular emphasis on methods with short recovery periods and barely visible scarring in keeping with the latest techniques.

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Dr. Blaschke operates in various places of the world, which excel in beauty and medical infrastructure alike. He could establish a perfect combination of German Plastic Surgery and Cypriot hospitality...

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Nose News

Back from Hamburg Rhinoplasty Symposium: Learning from the masters: Milos Kovacevic,...


Noninvasive !! Check any glossy mag: If it does not pierce the skin, it must be good !

A gentle massage and a markedly less gentle lymphatic drainage are obvious examples,...


Selfies and Surgery

  Trust the Americans: It was of course ` research ´ done on the other side of the...

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Its in your face !

Its in your face !   The face is constantly exposed to the sun. Of all body parts  its skin takes the worst beating over the years, and the collagen...

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Botox in the treatment of Keloids

Botulinum toxin has received wide attention as a cosmetic agent to combat wrinkles and other signs of ageing. A lot has been said about its toxicity and...

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Mediterraneo Hospital
Ilias 10 - 12, Glyfada 16675

(t) 00 35 725366400

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My procedure with Dr. Fabian Blaschke was all together a great success, the consultation, procedure and follow up were all highly professional perfectly explained and no surprises, I'm more than happy with t...

It was excellent, he is a very lovely doctor, and I recommend him to all my friends, relatives and co-workers.

Greek hospitality and German efficiency, what a mix and look how it worked !